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Rides Turned in during the past 30 days
52 Cancelled
184 As Planned
236 Total Rides

The following rides are the 50 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 06-20-2018

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
St. Croix Crossing (WI) - StillwaterAB06-19-2018306-19-2018
Tuesday TrekB06-19-2018506-19-2018
Mendota to Eat StreetBC06-18-2018306-18-2018
Back 2 SchoolB06-18-20181206-18-2018
Minnetonka MeanderAB06-18-2018906-19-2018
Pink ExpressB06-18-20181006-19-2018
Partner Ride with Fitness CrossroadBC06-18-2018506-19-2018
Mostly Mellow MondaysAB06-18-2018806-19-2018
Kodiak KruzeB06-18-2018406-18-2018
Sunday Afternoon Bike RideB06-17-20181206-17-2018
Sunday Sunrise SolitudeAB06-17-2018606-18-2018
Wobegon Weekend Day 3C06-17-20182206-17-2018
Surly Urban Assault Adventure RideAB06-16-20181006-17-2018
WBG Java JiveAB06-16-2018206-16-2018
Wobegon Weekend Day 2C06-16-20182706-17-2018
Roll to IndependenceAB06-16-2018506-17-2018
Wisconsin Backroads: One Way...Or Another - River FallsAB06-16-2018206-16-2018
PARK TO PARKBC06-15-20181206-17-2018
Friday MetricAB06-15-20182006-18-2018
Mendota to Mpls LakesB06-15-2018706-15-2018
Westside FridayAB06-15-20181206-17-2018
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker HillsC06-15-2018506-15-2018
TGIF Dinner Series RideB06-15-20181806-16-2018
Wobegon Weekend Day 1C06-15-20182606-17-2018
Paddy's RodeoAB06-15-2018906-16-2018
Northern Spark FestivalNBC06-15-2018406-16-2018
Wake Up and Ride!BC06-15-2018406-15-2018
Thursday TherapyAB06-14-2018806-15-2018
PIZZA RANCH ROUNDUPBC06-14-2018806-14-2018
Wayzata RoundaboutBC06-14-20181106-16-2018
Wisconsin Hills - River FallsA06-14-2018206-15-2018
Loretto LoopAB06-14-2018906-15-2018
Ride to Twin LakesC06-14-2018506-15-2018
Hopkins Depot DepartBC06-14-2018506-14-2018
Thursdays on the CannonB06-14-2018706-14-2018
Miles from Maplewood Fran's BD RideAB06-14-20181506-16-2018
Thursday Out WestAB06-14-2018506-15-2018
Les Mis(s)B06-14-20182306-16-2018
New Rolling Brook - HudsonAB06-14-2018306-14-2018
Little Canada: Up the RiverBC06-13-2018706-13-2018
Hopkins Depot to College of St. Thomas St. PaulC06-13-2018906-14-2018
Harriet Pickle Goes to NorthrupB06-13-20181006-13-2018
Still Kruzin: MahtomediAB06-13-20181706-14-2018
Ride To Surly Brewery For LunchBC06-13-20181006-13-2018
The Whole EnchiladaAB06-13-20183206-14-2018
Champlin Mid Morning RambleC06-13-20181206-14-2018
Pryes Brewing Company Bike RideB06-13-2018606-14-2018
Going Somewhere... but maybe not there today - ChamplinAB06-13-2018206-13-2018
Wednesdays from WebsterC06-13-2018606-14-2018