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Current Year Ride Statistics

Most Attended Rides for 2018

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

RideRide DateRidersAverage Yearly Mileage for Riders on this RideAverage Rides for Riders on this Ride
NOT the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride04-29-20184934810
Joe Best Memorial Ride03-17-2018382756
Dakota Riverviews06-10-20183656117
The Whole Enchilada05-23-20183542913
California Here We Come03-19-201834812
Tuesday Tuneup 2.005-22-20183445913
California Here We Come03-18-201834371
Steel Toe Brewery 2404-22-2018331465
Tuesday Tuneup 2.005-15-20183339912
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group05-12-20183356112
The Whole Enchilada05-02-20183236311
The Whole Enchilada06-13-20183260618
Excelsior Expresso 31/3705-06-20183232310
Pink Express05-07-2018313389
The Whole Enchilada04-25-2018312538
CIty Slickers 200k Brevet05-05-2018314288
California Here We Come03-23-2018301965
California Here We Come03-20-2018302005
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-05-20182961116
Pink Express05-14-20182934710
Wobegon Weekend Day 206-16-2018272249
Brainerd Lakes06-03-20182744913
Washington County from Menards Oakdale - V-104-22-2018261846
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-12-20182679021
TGIF Dinner Series Ride05-04-2018262818
Pink Express05-21-20182654116
Pink Express06-04-20182663318
Wobegon Weekend Day 106-15-2018262109
Out to Somwhere and Back11-26-2017241074
Gail Elliott Memorial05-28-20182466017
Cruzin The Crow05-05-2018242135
Black Friday11-24-201724662
Les Mis(s)06-14-20182372621
Friday Metric05-18-20182368016
Tuesday Tuneup 2.005-01-2018232919
TGIF Dinner Series Ride06-08-20182355616
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-05-20182240111
Wobegon Weekend Day 306-17-20182223710
Ride to the Ride05-26-20182256811
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-12-20182256116
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group05-05-2018214068
Trails to Trails 100k04-22-2018214189
Sonny Winter - Standard and Extended03-25-2018212127