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Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

Top Attended Rides for September, 2018

RideRide DateRidersAverage Yearly Mileage for Riders on this RideAverage Yearly Rides for Riders on this Ride
All-Club Ride (21, 28, 50, 75, 100 mi. options)09-01-2018200113129
The Whole Enchilada09-05-201842157743
The Whole Enchilada09-12-201832166348
Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour (15, 32, or 47 mile routes)09-09-201829121836
Midtown Challenge09-12-201828129225
Run for the Border09-03-201826189451
Ride to the Ride09-01-201824201036
Hugo Kruze09-03-201824265356
Tuesday Tuneup 2.009-11-201824153740
Pink Express09-10-201823152845
Gateway Express09-11-201822223056
Pink Express09-03-20182298529
Les Mis(s)09-06-201820234859
Golden Valley Roundabout09-06-20181990829
Friday Metric09-07-201819239252
Central Park to White Bear - breakfast ride09-08-201818112035
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group09-15-201817137825
Lindstrom Kruze09-08-201816318373
Scandia Scamper09-09-201816181846
Midtown Challenge09-05-201815167732
9-Mile Creek-Cedar Lk Trail09-11-20181587736
Hopkins Depot to Sandcastle at Lake Nokomis09-12-20181495238
Tonka Cycle 3309-09-201814135340
Les Mis(s)09-13-201814304774
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group09-08-201814179035
Hopkins Depot Depart09-11-20181463623
Steel Toe Brewery Ride09-03-20181398431
Still Kruzin: Mahtomedi09-05-201813205149
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)09-11-201813166247
Kodiak Kruze09-03-201813201653
Island Lake Park09-16-201813164648
Kodiak Kruze09-10-201813178945
Wayzata to St. Bonifacius09-15-20181276130
Thursdays on the Cannon09-06-20181281024
Mendota to Eat Street09-10-20181277326
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group09-09-201812175634
24 miles, quite a few lakes09-13-201812100836
Paddy's Rodeo09-14-201812114236
Greek Festival 09-07-20181281234
Cruzin The Crow09-08-201811182147
Hopkins Depot to Wooddale Church Lydia's Cafe09-17-20181172130
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble09-05-20181176032
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble09-12-201811103442
Tuesday Tune-Up on Sunday09-16-201811320868
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker Hills09-14-201811106838
Thursdays on the Cannon09-13-20181172121
Still Kruzin: Mahtomedi09-12-201811258458
Miles from Maplewood - Various Routes from Crooked Pint Ale House09-06-201811137441
Hugo Kruze09-15-201810319579
Anoka Hennepin River Ride09-11-201810229958
Shoreview - Centerville - Carbone's in Lexington09-10-201810104937
Apple Pie 209-06-201810109239
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group09-16-201810206942
Brew Ha Ha09-16-201810185553
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group09-02-20189134526
Hugo Kruze09-10-20189403677
Steel Toe Brewery Ride09-14-20189148345
Hugo Kruze09-17-20189304365
French Park Plymouth To Golden Valley09-09-2018964128
MGC SUNDAY09-09-2018891838
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker Hills09-07-2018895937
Maple Island Brewery Ride09-13-20188159748
Mendota to Mpls Lakes09-07-20188304573
WINDMILL RIDE09-16-2018838915
Rolling on the West Side09-16-20188143737
Ox Yoke B3109-15-2018895732
Minnetonka Meander09-10-20188176451
Paddy's Rodeo09-07-20188186853
PARK TO PARK09-07-20187141640
Cruzin The Crow09-15-20187156538
Maple Island Brewery Ride09-06-20187116833
Loretto Loop09-06-20187203755
WINDMILL RIDE09-09-2018786729
Kodiak Kruze09-17-20187103732
St. Croix Crossing (South) - Stillwater09-09-20187374558
Giro d' Tonka09-09-20187255266
Wisconsin Backroads: Eau Galle / Cady Creek Traverse - Hudson09-15-20186370559
Roll to Independence09-15-20186135836
WINDMILL RIDE09-02-2018639815
St. Boni Flat 2709-08-2018641816
WBG Java Crow Express09-15-20186164745
Ride To Surly Brewery For Lunch09-05-2018641915
Hopkins Depot to Patrick's Bakery in Bachman's 09-05-2018695342
Little Canada 38 Withrow09-05-20186300175
Joy Ride09-17-20186135845
King-Sized Tater Tour09-15-20186156940
Tonka Night Trails09-06-2018662121
Sunday Sunrise Solitude09-02-20185317757
The Rockford Miles09-08-2018560320
Loretto Loop09-13-20185226261
MGC SUNDAY09-16-20185120549
Door County, Day 209-08-20185170946
Tonka Night Trails09-13-20184139448
Another Sunday Spin09-09-2018489127
Erik's in Eden Prairie To Chanhassen09-10-2018391740
Sunday Sunrise Solitude09-09-20183323952
Stillwater the Hard Way09-07-20183169646
New Rolling Brook - Hudson09-06-20183528472
Going Somewhere Monday... - Champlin09-17-20183634992
The Dam Bike Ride09-13-20183103628
Central Park to White Bear - breakfast ride09-02-20183162261
Stilllwater Apple Roll 09-13-201828263113
St. Croix Crossing - Stillwater09-05-201827844107
Nina's Coffee Spin09-02-20182400255
Dobo Donut Loop09-15-2018257719
MGC SUNDAY09-02-20182108846
WBG Java Crow Express09-08-20182106431
Rolling through Chan-Chaska09-06-20182633