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Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

Top Attended Rides for June, 2018

RideRide DateRidersAverage Yearly Mileage for Riders on this RideAverage Yearly Rides for Riders on this Ride
Dakota Riverviews06-10-20183656117
The Whole Enchilada06-13-20183260618
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-05-20182961116
Brainerd Lakes06-03-20182744913
Wobegon Weekend Day 206-16-2018272249
Wobegon Weekend Day 106-15-2018262109
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-12-20182679021
Pink Express06-04-20182663318
Les Mis(s)06-14-20182372621
TGIF Dinner Series Ride06-08-20182355616
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-12-20182256116
Wobegon Weekend Day 306-17-20182223710
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-05-20182240111
Friday Metric06-15-20182098626
TGIF Dinner Series Ride06-01-2018182377
TGIF Dinner Series Ride06-15-20181853817
Still Kruzin: Mahtomedi06-13-20181785322
Friday Metric06-01-20181692621
Gateway Express06-12-20181688023
Hopkins Depot to Patrick's Bakery in Bachman's 06-01-2018161918
Les Mis(s)06-07-20181649015
Fargo Movie 160k Populaire06-09-201815121419
Minnetonka Meander06-04-20181579322
Hastings Ride06-07-20181541113
Mostly Mellow Mondays06-04-20181536811
Gateway Express06-05-20181579021
Diamond Bluff Express06-03-20181576417
Mendota to Eat Street06-04-2018141846
Miles from Maplewood Fran's BD Ride06-14-20181474023
Giro d' Tonka06-10-201814116832
Wisconsin Backroads...Hills Out of Prescott (HOOP) 06-10-201813100216
Matterhorn Ascent06-03-20181338514
Kodiak Kruze06-04-20181383321
Tuesday Trek06-05-20181343414
Westside Friday06-15-201812109328
Back 2 School06-18-20181264618
Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride06-17-201812130833
Maple Grove Meander06-07-20181237212
Thursday Therapy06-07-20181262618
Luce Line Loops06-10-2018121013
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble06-13-20181228712
PARK TO PARK06-15-2018123069
Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes06-09-20181177223
MGC Sunday06-10-20181128812
Wayzata Roundabout06-14-20181163220
Pink Express06-11-20181169620
Westside Friday06-08-20181195025
Gateway Trail to Stillwater06-11-20181149219
Get To Know Eden Prairie06-08-2018112069
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker Hills06-01-2018112098
Thursdays on the Cannon06-07-20181137310
Harriet Pickle Goes to Northrup06-13-20181049917
Ride To Surly Brewery For Lunch06-13-2018102469
Mendota to Eat Street06-11-2018102348
Tuesday Trek06-12-20181050615
Roll to Independence06-03-20181035210
Pink Express06-18-201810110330
New Member Ride 06-09-20181043715
Surly Urban Assault Adventure Ride06-16-20181040211
St. Bonifacius to Mayer to Mound06-10-2018101748
Wednesdays from Webster06-06-201891768
Back 2 School06-04-2018995122
Hopkins Depot to College of St. Thomas St. Paul06-13-2018923310
LOST IN WOODBURY06-05-2018943615
Autumn Grove to Taste of Scandinavia06-10-2018954120
Westside Friday06-01-2018991823
Paddy's Rodeo06-08-2018960316
Loretto Loop06-14-201892939
Paddy's Rodeo06-15-2018951014
Minnetonka Meander06-18-2018997027
PIZZA RANCH ROUNDUP06-14-2018857220
Friday Metric06-08-2018868115
MGC Sunday06-03-201882139
Thursday Therapy06-14-2018842512
Mostly Mellow Mondays06-18-2018853016
Bike to Breakfast: Miles to Matthews06-09-2018847317
Kodiak Kruze06-11-2018861618
Wisconsin Hills After Your Knapp06-07-20188104320
Hopkins Depot Depart06-12-2018736113
Thursdays on the Cannon06-14-2018746413
Mendota to Mpls Lakes06-15-20187108432
Minneapolis St Paul Explorer06-04-2018728613
Mendota to Mpls Lakes06-01-2018784225
Hopkins Depot Depart06-07-2018732912
Little Canada: Withrow06-06-2018773823
Ease Into Biking Series06-09-20187412
Sunday Spin06-03-2018751918
Harriet Pickle Goes to Northrup06-06-2018760919
PARK TO PARK06-01-201871956
Little Canada: Up the River06-13-2018751117
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble06-06-2018740516
Outreach Ride - Tour de Pepin06-02-2018628310
Hopkins Depot Depart06-05-201862299
Sunday Sunrise Solitude06-17-20186134329
Ride Edina to Hopkins Depot06-07-20186733
Pryes Brewing Company Bike Ride06-13-2018633211
Chaska to Munca Beans, Shakopee06-06-2018621810
Wednesdays from Webster06-13-201861316
Anoka Hennepin River Ride06-12-20186101621
Sunday Sunrise Solitude06-10-20186133429
Hopkins Depot Depart06-14-2018530511
Sunday Sunrise Solitude06-03-20185185032
Tuesday Trek06-19-2018591927
Ride to Medicine Lake 06-01-201852008
Trippin Tuesday06-12-2018585321
Maple Grove to Buffalo (and back)06-09-2018578321
Hastings Ride06-07-2018531012
Still Kruzin: Mahtomedi06-06-2018560315
Thursday Out West06-07-2018576218
Ride to Twin Lakes06-14-201851165
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker Hills06-08-2018539016
Anoka Hennepin River Ride06-05-2018530510
Paddy's Rodeo06-01-2018560616
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker Hills06-15-2018531213
Partner Ride with Fitness Crossroad06-18-2018558819
Thursday Out West06-14-20185118627
Roll to Independence06-16-2018594122
Kodiak Kruze06-18-2018493227
Northern Spark Festival06-15-2018446616
PARK TO PARK06-08-2018449515
Surly Urban Assault Adventure Ride06-07-2018441212
Wake Up and Ride!06-15-2018447321
Ride to University of Minnesota's Northrup Plaza06-13-2018443519
WBG Java Crow Express06-09-201843019
St. Croix Crossing (South) - Stillwater06-05-20184265245
St. Croix Crossing (WI) - Stillwater06-19-20183394466
Kid's Ride06-10-201833385
New Rolling Brook - Hudson06-07-20183350957
Mendota to Eat Street06-18-201832669
New Rolling Brook - Hudson06-14-20183377361
Rolling on the West Side06-10-201833077
Going Somewhere... but maybe not there today - Champlin06-13-20182528486
St. Croix Crossing (Wisconsin Double Cross) - Stillwater06-12-20182521785
Going Somewhere... arriving a slightly different way - Champlin06-06-20182496181
Wisconsin Hills - River Falls06-14-2018272111
WBG Java Jive06-16-201821294
Wisconsin Backroads: One Way...Or Another - River Falls06-16-20182306046